DHP / DLP Copper Bars / Flats

DHP is also known as deoxidized high phosphorus copper and DLP is known as deoxidized low phosphorus copper that is extensively used in various industries and applications. DHP ensures that all commercial applications manufactured are deoxidized with the phosphorous and ensure low electrical conductivity. Well, on the other hand, if we talk about the products manufactured using DHP and DLP are DHP / DLP Copper Bars / Flats. These flats and bars are high in demand as they offer high performance and are durable. Both the type of coppers is extensively used in bar saws, precision plate saws, water jets and more.

If you are looking for a manufacturer that can provide you high quality of DHP and DLP copper bars and flats then Copper and Alloy LLP is the right choice for you. They are one of the reputed manufacturers that offer their customers a high quality of flats and bars at an affordable price. These flats and bars are used in various applications and industries and known best for their efficient performance, high strength and durable standards. These copper flats and bars are available to customers in different shapes and sizes as per their requirement and demand. These flats are used in transformers, automobiles and more.

These DHP / DLP Copper Bars / Flats size varies as per the demand and requirement of customers but the normal size of these flats is 152.4mm and thickness is 1mm to 60mm. The length of these flats and bars varies up to 6400mm. However, to check the quality of these bars and flats various tests and inspections for which test certificates are authorized like manufacturers test certificate, third-party inspection, and laboratory test certificate. In the end, these flats and bars are packed in best quality of packaging material which helps them prevent damages and rust.

DHP / DLP Copper Alloy Bars / Flats Specifications :

Item :- Copper Flats DHP/ DLP Grade Copper Flats
Standard :- AGB/T5231-2001.GB/T1527-2006.JISH3100-2006,JISH3250-2006,JISH3300-2006, ASTMB152M-06,ASTMB187, ASTMB75M-02, ASTMB42-02, ASTMB152, B187, B133, B301,B196, B441, B465, JISH3250-2006, GB/T4423-2007,etc.
Size :- 1 mm to 60 mm
• With Sharp Edges
• With Round Rdges
• With full radius
Width :- 5mm to 350mm
Length :- Up to 6400 mm (21′)
Available Grade : ASTM B42, ASTM B68, ASTM B75, ASTM B88, ASTM B111, ASTM B152, ASTM B280, DIN 2.0090, BS 2870/1/5 C106, BS 2871 C106, BS 2875 C106, ENCW024A. c12200, C12000
Types :- Copper Bars, Flats, Rectangular, Rectangle


DHP / DLP Copper Bars / Flats Chemical Composition :

Nation China USA U.K Germany Japan
Standard No. GB ASTM B170 BS 6017 DIN 1787 JIS H2123
Classification TU0 TU1 Grade1 C10100 Grade 2 C10200 Cu-OFE C103 Cu-OF C110 OF-Cu 2.0040 Grade1 C1011 Grade2 C1020
Chemical Composition Cu+Ag (%Min) 99.99 99.9 99.99 99.95 99.99 99.95 99.95 99.99 99.98
O2 P (PPM) 10Max 3max 10max N/A 5Max 3Max 10Max N/A 10Max 3Max NA NA NA NA 10Max 3max 10max N/A


Many Industrial Sectors and Application of DHP / DLP Copper Bars / Flats :

Automotive Radiator, Metal Forming, Gaskets, Plumbing Products, Eyelets, Hardware, Lamp caps, Electrical Fittings, Terminals, Electronic Components, Metal Zip, Flashlights, Handicraft, Decorative Items, Domestic Appliances, Connectors, Shaving Products, Springs, Telecommunications, Locks, Photo Frame etc.