Rivet Brass Rod

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Specification of Rivet Brass Rod

  • Specification: ASTM B171
  • Standard & Material: IS 4170 CuZn40, BS 2874 CZ109, JIS 3250 H C2800, ASTM B171 C 36500, IS 4413 CuZn37, BS 2872 CZ108

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Mechanical & Physical Properties of Rivet Brass Rod

Condition Size T.S.Kg/mm2 EL% Min
Annealed (O) 1.2 & above 28 min. 30%
As Manufactured 1.2 & above 35 min. 25%


Chemical Composition of Rivet Brass Rod

Chemical Requirements CuZn40
Copper 59.0 – 62.0%
Lead 0.75% max.
Iron 0.10% max.
Total Imp. Excl. Iron 0.300% max.
Zinc Remainder
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